University Resources Master Lists

University of Memphis Resources Master List


University Resources are often scattered amongst various departments, programs, and initiatives. Consequently, students and professors are often left unaware of the various technologies, workspaces, and programs at their disposal.

UniResource is an initiative to cut through the weeds of program descriptions and subdomains to provide a consolidated list of available student resources.

The end-goal is a program or website accessible by all students and professors of an institution which contains a master list of available resources, organized by type (technologies available for use or rental, computer programs, workspaces, and centers with dedicated purposes like entrepreneurship or counseling centers).

This program will also contain information about how to access the resources, what qualifications are necessary for use of the resources, and metadata regarding the date the resource’s information was last updated on the UniResource platform. Qualities of the resources will be associated via “tags”. Users will be able to enter their relevant information (degree program, qualifications) to search for resources specifically available to them, and will be able to search for specific resources (e.g., “cameras”, “laptops”, “3D printers”).

At this time, the first stage in the development of a University’s UniResource is the compilation of a word document of resources as they are encountered into a “University Resources Master List” (URML). Any member of an institution may create a URML and submit it to admin@stellargenesis.com to have it included on this page.

With increased attention and funding, UniResource platforms will be developed from URML’s and turned over to universities for hosting on their official websites. Additionally, students and/or professors may wish to maintain control of an unsanctioned UniResource (which might include features not endorsed by the university, such as cross-discipline resource visibility). An unsanctioned UniResource could be built on a blockchain shared amongst students.


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