This page intends to give a general overview of some of the specific research initiatives of the Stellar Genesis community. Neither this page nor the individual research initiative pages are intended to be comprehensive.

Click on the research areas to learn more about each one.

Please note: several of the following pages are password-protected. Please contact admin via the Contact tab if you would like to know more about or be involved in a research initiative and gain access to the page.

Administration: continual administrative development of the organizational structure of Stellar Genesis Technologies to maximize efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and forward momentum

CleanUpSpace: sister-site initiative to provide information about the dangers of space debris and to seek sustainable solutions for cleaning it up

Funding: a discussion forum for Stellar Genesis funding sources including grants, partnerships, donations, crowd-funding, and other means

SGeN: the Space Generation Network, a dedicated app and website platform through which individuals can directly collaborate with each other on space technology development projects

SpaceAmbassador: a recruitment initiative for the National Space Society’s Space Ambassadorship program

ThinkSpeak: a revolution in non-vocal communication systems

UniResource: an effort to consolidate University resources into an easily navigable and straightforward platform so that students and professors are aware of the full range of technologies, work spaces, and programs at their disposal

Learn about research interest areas and completed projects at

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