The purpose of this initiative is to research the various benefits of nanofiber structures in astronautics materials and in tissue engineering applications.


Nanofiber applications may be applicable in  NASA’s Centennial Challenges: Vascular Tissue Challenge:

Audience: All Interested U.S. Citizens, Including Higher Education Educators and Students
Deadline: No Later Than Sept. 30, 2019
Category: Competitions
NASA, in partnership with the nonprofit Methuselah Foundation’s New Organ Alliance, is seeking ways to advance the field of bioengineering through a new prize competition. The Vascular Tissue Challenge offers a $500,000 prize to be divided among the first three teams that successfully create thick, metabolically functional, human vascularized organ tissue in a controlled laboratory environment. The first registered team(s) to meet the required guidelines and complete their trials by Sept. 30, 2019, will win the awards.


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