Research Interest Areas

Stellar Genesis Technologies seeks to further the sustainability of life by every means available. We are continually exploring new ideas for advancement and have aggregated our research interest areas below:

AutoPICC: creation of a device which can automatically dispense medications via a PICC line and ultimately reduce the currently high infection risks associated with PICC lines.

Biofabrication: a sustainable approach to manufacturing processes

Blue2Orange: development of supportive technologies for Mars colonization

DataFromDust: development of a small scientific instrument payload to be sent to the lunar surface along with NASA’s lunar lander

EasySat: development of cube satellites which will hitch free rides into space to conduct informative experiments

EcoThrive: development of an approach to engineering which emphasizes improving the environment and local communities with each project, rather than focusing solely on mitigating negative impact

ISSave: research into potential methods for affordably saving or salvaging the International Space Station, which is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2025

LifeSystems: a re-engineering of existing astronaut life support systems and space habitats to provide a greater level of safety and sustainability

NanoFiber: an initiative to research the various benefits of nanofiber structures in astronautics materials and in tissue engineering applications

NextBlock: an investigation of next generation applications of blockchain technology

Orange2Blue: advancing technologies for terraforming Mars

ResearchDataCentral: an initiative to create an online collaborative environment where researchers can share data and software tools relevant to their field

PhoneBear: a device which reduces strain on the wrist of a mobile phone user, especially those with joint disorders or hand/wrist impairment.

PrintBrace: an initiative to develop an efficient system for 3D scanning a joint and creating 3D print files for a brace

QuickShelter: a self-assembling, multi-terrestrial shelter for rapid deployment in emergency situations

SolarShot: an investigation into the potential for nuclear waste disposal through solar consumption

SubtleBrace: an initiative to create a covert, supportive exoskeleton to enable or improve mobility for the mobility-impaired

ThrombosisPrevention: an investigation into methods of counteracting blood retrograde flow, stasis, and thrombosis in astronauts’ jugular veins during spaceflight


SpaceX has a tentative schedule of launching a supply mission to Mars in 2022. Any Blue2Orange technologies seeking to be on it will likely need to be completed by 2021.

ISSave: The ISS is scheduled to be decommissioned in 2025.

Completed Initiatives:

MoonTaxi: development of a reusable crew and cargo transport system between the lunar surface and Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway (LOP-G)

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