Spotlight: Nathan Price is Interviewing Someone About NASA’s Artemis Lunar Program Every Day Until the End of 2024

On his website, Nathan Price, founder of the National Space Society’s North Houston Chapter, is posting his interviews of different people every day until the end of December 2024.

Price interviews anyone and everyone, regardless of their knowledge of space-related information, in order to create a digital time capsule which documents prevailing thoughts and attitudes towards NASA’s Artemis Program.

In his own words, Price describes his impetus for the project:

In 2050 when humanity has branched out to the moon, Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and we are seriously thinking how to terraform Venus, people will look back on returning to the moon as the moment that people seriously started taking steps to live beyond earth. And they will want to know what people were thinking before it happened.

In describing some of what he’s learned through this project, Price lists that there is widespread skepticism of the Artemis program, but that the majority of people he has encountered still support the idea. He expresses his surprise at the number of people who would not take a trip into space, but states most people he’s interviewed say they would go if given the chance.

He concludes by stating:

The biggest impediment to us exploring the universe and improving the conditions on earth is that the vast majority of human potential is wasted or undeveloped. We spend more time trying to convince everyone about what should be done instead of actually doing anything. We spend more time talking about how money should be spent, [than] actually developing our skills or improving society.”

At Stellar Genesis Technologies, we could not agree more wholeheartedly. That’s why we are building The Space Generation Network (SGeN): A Digital Platform For Space Technology Development.

By uniting people around the world in an online collaborative design platform, we will tap into the otherwise wasted potential and accelerate the advancement of space exploration. You can help us get there.

If you want to be interviewed for the Countdown To The Moon project, Price makes it quick and easy to sign up for a slot through his website.

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