Spotlight: ST-42– An Autonomous LEO Manufacturing Lab

We wanted to shine a spotlight on this incredible venture by the premier company in microgravity research and an essential partner of the ISS, Space Tango. From their website:

Space Tango, a leader in the commercialization of space through R&D, bioengineering and manufacturing in microgravity, today announced ST-42, a fully autonomous robotic orbital platform designed specifically for scalable manufacturing in space. Launching in the mid 2020’s, ST-42 aims to harness the unique environment of microgravity to produce high value products across industries; from patient therapeutics to advanced technology products that have the potential to revolutionize industries here on Earth. ST-42 is an extension of the International Space Station’s (ISS) capabilities, and NASA’s creation of a robust commercial marketplace in low Earth orbit (LEO).

Space Tango looks to provide an orbital manufacturing space capable of materials manufacturing and of complying with the FDA’s strict regulations so that commercial developers can conduct pioneering biotech and pharmaceutical research.

Read more about Space Tango and the ST-42 here.

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  1. Thank you for being a center for an ecletic set of individuals, companies, and imaginations to solve the problem of getting the human race to space, permanently. We need to leave our Mother Earth to help her. No longer at her skirttails, we must spread out, and not “shelter in place” only on earth. Time to grow to become spacekind.

    My current contribution (more on the way), is the book: The Space Trade, and it’s second edition, The Space Trade Update. In the Update is a chapter on how we will fund the adventure, all by private sector means, if necessary, or perhaps, as desired. The next book, Spaceship Construction in Orbit, will provide more detail. It will be followed by The Investors Guide to Space Development, a step-by-step procedural to get us a turnship, spinship (rotating space vessel) to mine space resources.

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