SubtleBrace is a covert, supportive exoskeleton which improves mobility for the mobility-impaired.

SubtleBrace is a life-changing advance in technology for a wide range of people, including those suffering from connective-tissue or joint disorders, various forms of paralysis, the effects of a stroke, the elderly, or simply those who wish to be have increased strength or protection (package delivery workers or motorcyclists, for example).

SubtleBrace will allow the user to wear a fully or partially weight-bearing mechanical suit/ exoskeleton with minimal attention being drawn to them.

SubtleBrace will be designed to fit beneath clothing or be integrated into clothing.

The most challenging aspects of SubtleBrace’s design decisions lie in choosing the most efficient materials for each portion of the brace.


Depending on the user’s impairment, only some portions of the SubtleBrace whole-body system may be needed.


SubtleBrace begins with a specialized shoe which features a base plate embedded in the sole and supportive structures integrated into the sides of the shoe.

Lower leg supports connect to this shoe at an artificial ankle joint which parallels the user’s ankle.

Upper leg supports connect to the lower leg supports at an artificial knee joint.

Waist supports connect to upper leg supports and maintain full normal hip range of motion.

Torso supports connect to waist supports and lead to an armpit junction.

Upper arm supports connect at the armpit junction.

Lower arm supports connect to the upper arm supports at an artificial elbow.

Optional extensions include hand bracing, neck bracing, and helmet attachment.


SubtleBrace will be available with and without motorization.

SubtleBrace will include built-in cooling technology to prevent the user from overheating.