This is the public-side forum for discussion regarding administrative structure and direction of Stellar Genesis Technologies,, and its subsidiaries.

Organizational Overview

The current organizational structure calls for the formation of Stellar Genesis Technologies into a nonprofit, or not-for-profit (see: Draper), research and development company.

Stellar Genesis Technologies seeks to distinguish itself from existing aerospace organizations by standing out as a largely democratic, crowd-sourced, open and transparent entity dedicated to receptiveness to new ideas and forward-thinking proposals.

Additionally, as a nonprofit Stellar Genesis Technologies aims to re-invest all monetary returns into the company and community, to promote scientific understanding and opportunity at every age level, and to foster a culture of access rather than one of privileged seclusion.

To that end, we will endeavor to find a role or opportunity for anyone with a passion and dedication to contribute to space exploration or other scientific advancement.

For further understanding of the administrative structure and goals, please join the organization by emailing You will then be sent a password with which you may view the whitepaper Digital Collaborative Space.



As Stellar Genesis Technologies grows and refines itself, it will begin to branch out more into the public domain. This is essential for fundraising, talent acquisition, and space advocacy.

Some methods of outreach and marketing include: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Campaigning, Advertising, and the Proliferation of Relevant Sub-domains.

This last category indicates an expansion of the website itself so that it appears more across the web and reaches a broader level of appeal.



Stellar Genesis Technologies is currently funded largely by the contributions of an anonymous backer. As such, it functions in a highly fiscally conservative manner. Costs are limited to website maintenance, labor contributions are voluntary, and the administrative focus is on connecting talented scientifically-minded individuals with existing space technology design competitions and opportunities matching their age and professional status. However, the resources with which to do this are currently minimal.

With further crowdfunding and grant-raising, Stellar Genesis Technologies will retain fiscal conservatism by continuing to exist solely as a digital platform (physical office space for administration is quickly becoming a thing of the past). Increased monetary assets will allow Stellar Genesis Technologies to hire talented programmers and other necessary individuals on a contractual basis to further develop the Space Generation Network, known as SGeN: a dedicated app and website platform through which individuals can directly collaborate with each other on space technology development projects.

Stellar Genesis Technologies will carefully sort through existing opportunities in the aerospace industry and announce design competitions and research interest areas on the SGeN platform. Registered users of the Space Generation Network will then collaborate on design projects in a highly interactive and well-resourced collaborative digital environment.

Such an environment will be designed with an emphasis on easy end-user function, stability, data security, and responsiveness; it will also seek to incorporate leading-edge technology such as VR or AR, gesture control, cloud storage and computing, and variable access (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, virtual experience). Designs regarding continual improvement of the SGeN platform will also be a priority for SGeN Users.

Users will then upload their designs to a forum where they will be voted on by other registered users and will have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback regarding their designs so that they can further refine them. At no point before final selection do designs become unavailable for modification by the design teams who submitted them.

High-vote accruing designs will be reviewed by a qualified board which will select promising designs and sell them to developers like United Launch Alliance, Bigelow Aerospace, SpaceX, NASA, Draper and others. StellarGenesis will take a modest percentage for overhead, site maintenance, research, and community outreach, but a majority of the proceeds from the sale will go to the designers themselves.

Routine manual and programmed audits of registered user behavior will serve to weed the community of any trolling, nonconstructive, or otherwise malignant behavior, and offenders will be booted from the community in a zero-tolerance policy. Their information, as agreed upon by initial terms and condition, will be stored in a highly encrypted database to prevent future registration with that same information. This may include name, address, telephone number, email, employer, occupation, educational institution, or educational degree information. Booted users will have the opportunity to appeal their status, and appeals will be considered for their merit by the appropriate board or moderators without guarantee.

Through this business model, Stellar Genesis Technologies seeks to make a positive impact in the advancement of human space exploration while providing a voice and access to talented and creative individuals who might otherwise not have as productive an outlet for innovation.

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